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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Back Pain

I have had back problems for years ranging from minor aches to full-blown episodes where I am unable to move without severe pain. I had seen the chiropractor so many times that my insurance had completely run out and to no avail. I had also been to see an orthopedic surgeon who was only able to treat me with pain medication and muscle relaxants, which temporarily masked the pain. I was off work for almost two weeks, literally in tears and running out of options. My friend referred me to Dr. Wang.
When I first visited Dr. Wang I was in awful pain. I couldn’t walk upright and had to have someone drive me to my appointment. By the end of my first visit I could stand up straighter, after the second I was completely upright. After several visits I am well on my way to recovery with a full range of motion. I know people are skeptical about acupuncture. I was too. There is no pain involved in the treatment. In fact, this may sound strange but I actually looked forward to my treatments. Dr. Wang is highly professional, highly trained and caring doctors who I trust implicitly and recommend to everyone!

------------- Fred
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Wang, Xiaoyan
Phone: (804) 301-1784