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Elbow Injury (to avoid surgery)

My right elbow was injured while at work typing around my lunch containers. The arm went limp. The Orthopedic and sports injury specialist told me following many visits including physical therapy that the only thing left was surgery. That "only tendonitis" injury slammed shut four years of my lifestyle. I couldn't get a half gallon of milk out of the fridge nor peel a banana without pain. Camping stopped because I couldn't lift. No tennis.
The first thing that impressed me about Dr. Wang was her concern over my injury. Her appointments were more like visiting with a friend than with a doctor. She was always extremely accommodating, making me as comfortable as possible. Her skill and caring were readily apparent. After about 10 sessions, my elbow is completely healed and my lifestyle is back.
In hindsight, I think I know what went wrong. The PT was done too soon, and a lot of scar tissue built up.

------------- Peter
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Wang, Xiaoyan
Phone: (804) 301-1784