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Bringing Wisdom of Ancient China to Modern US for Pain Relief & Healthy Living
A native of China, Wang, Xiaoyan has been practicing Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in China and the US since 1988. Xiaoyan has helped many thousands of patients to achieve their goals of living healthy, pain-free lives. You may read what some patients are saying below.

Neck Pain
I was experiencing unbearable neck pain that rendered me incapable of normal daily activities. No type of treatment was working and I was miserable...
Shoulder Pain
I have had trouble with a sore muscle in my right arm for three days. Too much use caused a great deal of pain and tenderness. I hurt it more than usual...
Allergy 1
“I really didn’t believe in acupuncture, but since I have been getting regular acupuncture treatments with Dr. Wang, I am a total believer. I no longer...
Shoulder, back and leg pain
“For the past one year, I have been experiencing severe pain in my shoulder, back and legs as the result of overworking as a computer coder and excessive...
Leg and hip pain
Dr. Wang has made me a believer. I had endured strong to severe pain in my right leg and hip since October of 2004. Since then the pain had persisted and I have...
Brain cancer
I was very pleased to have discovered this acupuncturist. She's first rate, and was very quick to understand and treat successfully ongoing brain cancer with...
Bell's Palsy
My left face was paralyzed, because of Bell's Palsy. After acupuncture treatments, my condition was significantly improved with each treatment...
I had acute arthritis in my knee. It was swollen. It was so painful that I could hardly walk or stand. Dr. Wang did acupuncture for me. After the first treatment my...
Lower back pain
I have had lower back pain off and on for a couple of years. I have tried a series of approaches to alleviating the irritation and muscle tightness, including...
Neck and shoulder pain
I suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain for over three years as result of a car accident. I tried almost every possible treatment to alleviate the pain including...
Allergy 2
Dr. Wang has been an incredible help to my life-long problem with allergies. After dealing with years of allergy shots and choking down pills each day, I have...
"I was suffering with horrible headaches on a daily basis for a period of three weeks. My mother suggested I try acupuncture to help ease the pain. I was skeptical...
Knee Pain & Ankle Pain
I came in for left knee pain, and right ankle pain, which both underwent surgery. Right ankle was swollen, and very painful. Left knee was extremely painful...
Lower Back Pain & Knee Pain
An 80-Year-Old Grandmother
I was treated for my arthritis in the lower back and knees. My life before ...
Urinary incontinence
"I had urinary incontinence from a long time ago. I had to get up up-to 5 times every night for urination, which destroyed my sleeps and made me felt miserable...
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Insomnia
I had carpel tunnel pain two years, and have been sleepless four months. I went to an MD and a chiropractor and got some relief. After acupuncture treatments...
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
I went to see Dr. Wang when I became fed up with my regular medical doctor's solution to my PMS. Wanting to get the root of the problem, I decided to try...
Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)
I had been suffering with heel pain for the past 10 months. This condition limited my walking, and jogging, and at times was so painful, I limped when I walked. I...
My eczema had been around for several years but it had gotten particularly bad which prompted me to seek help. I had been given (chemical) treatment without...
“My husband and I tried to get a baby by ourselves and my physicians. It did not work because my body didn’t respond to the infertility medication. My friend...
Pregnancy related Back Pain
I had suffered for four months, from the 3rd to 4th month of my pregnancy, with severe back pain. I could not sit for longer than 5 minutes without needing...
Menstrual Cramps
My daughter had horrible menstrual cramps. When she first started her period, she was cramping 24 hours a day. During this time she was in terrible pain...
Elbow Injury (to avoid surgery)
My right elbow was injured while at work typing around my lunch containers. The arm went limp. The Orthopedic and sports injury specialist told me...
Back Pain
I have had back problems for years ranging from minor aches to full-blown episodes where I am unable to move without severe pain. I had seen the chiropractor...
Allergies --- eye
I've always had really bad allergies - especially my eyes. For years my eyes would itch like thousands of tiny needles stabbing at my eyes and they would get...

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