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High Blood Pressure

According to the American Heart Association, nearly one in three adults in the United States has high blood pressure. But nearly 1/3 of those people don't know they have high blood pressure. People can have high blood pressure for years without experiencing symptoms or knowing that they have it.

High blood pressure usually doesn't cause any symptoms in the early stages. Symptoms associated with high blood pressure can include: dizziness, headache, restlessness, difficult breathing, nose bleeding, insomnia, intestinal complaints, depression, short temper and emotional instability, flushed faces.

High blood pressure can be a silent killer over time. Do you prefer to adopt a natural and safe way to cure your blood pressure rather than swallowing those pills and medicines? Well, with growing awareness, many people today refrain from taking those chemical tablets and capsules to cure their diseases and disorders. It is proved that acupuncture can effectively bring your blood pressure down to the normal levels. Apart from curing your hypertension problem, acupuncture also promotes the healing of other problems related to your heart. With acupuncture you can keep healthy for a longer life.
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