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  Frozen shoulder
"Frozen shoulder" is commonly used to describe a variety of conditions that cause pain and limit the range of motion of the shoulder joint. Most caused by inflammation of synovial tissue or thickening of synovial fluid, frozen shoulder occurs mainly in middle-aged people who have a history of shoulder injuries. In some cases, the pain associated with frozen shoulder can be severe enough to disturb a person's sleep; in others, patients cannot rotate the shoulder properly and have difficulty moving the affected arm out and away from the body.

Once a person is diagnosed with frozen shoulder, the initial stages of care are aimed at reducing inflammation and increasing range of motion. Toward that end, various treatment methods have been devised, including anti-inflammatory drugs, ultrasound, heat, massage, and stretching and isometric exercises. Steroid injections and nerve blocks have also been employed at times, but the effectiveness of these therapies can vary greatly from patient to patient. The study, published in the Hong Kong Medical Journal, found that acupuncture could be useful in cases where more conventional therapies have been unsuccessful.

Wang, Xiaoyan is a National Board Certified and Licensed Acupuncturist (USA) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctor (China). In China, she studied and practiced Acupuncture and Chinese herbal Medicine since 1983. She specialized in pain management. If you would like to pursue acupuncture treatment or information, please contact Xiaoyan.
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