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Tips to Lower Your Blood Pressure
You donít always have to wait to quit your job or lose weight before lowering your blood pressure. Use these natural techniques to regain your health and reduce stress.

1. Reduce Sodium Intake and Increase Potassium Intake.
Reduce or eliminate colas from your diet. Use low or no sodium soy sauce or other seasonings products. Avoid pre-packaged, pre-made foods such as boxed frozen and canned foods which are high in sodium (20% or more of you daily value). Increase high potassium foods such as unsalted tomato sauce bananas, avocados, cantaloupe, apricots, raisins, beans, figs & winter squash.

2. Exercise Daily.
Studies show that cardio vascular exercise reduces blood pressure and relieves stress. Sometimes due to health reasons or time constraints we cannot work out often or engage in a vigorous cardio-vascular program. That is okay. Start by walking for 5-15 minutes per day. Slowly increase your walking time and soon you may be able to go to the gym again.

3. Take Breaks At Work.
To reduce your stress, walk out of the office for a few minutes, breathe deeply and let go.

4. Reduce Exposure to News Media.

Cut down on T.V. news shows, newspaper and magazine reading and internet news media. News sources such as T.V. news, news magazine shows, unsolved Mysteries and other crime shows as well as glossy news magazines thrive on inducing fear and anxiety which causes blood pressure to rise as stress levels raise.

5. Give Yourself Alone Time.
Even five minutes a day of quiet time can help. Try any of the following; meditate, walk, sit in a garden, breathe, go for a drive or bike ride.

6. Engage in Low Stress Activities You Enjoy
Knitting, golfing, gardening, playing with pets, fishing, dance, sing, play an instrument, walk in the park or meet a friend for tea.

7. Breathe.
Take time to just breathe and relax. You donít always have try some special breathing exercise because sometimes just sitting and feeling the sensation breath moving through your body can be enough. Inhale through the nose, feel the air move through, is it cool or warm? Can you feel it move through the throat? Notice your chest expand, your lungs fill and ribs expand. As you exhale notice your belly softens, ribs soften, chest relax and warm air move out of your mouth.
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