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Lower Back Pain & Knee Pain

An 80-Year-Old Grandmother

I was treated for my arthritis in the lower back and knees. My life before receiving acupuncture treatment was miserable. I was always in pain, couldn't stand or walk, and couldn't sleep because of pain. When I saw Dr. Wang a few months ago I was using a cane to assist me in walking.

Acupuncture hurts very little. Yes I was very shocked because I'm afraid of needles. The treatment is so good. After about the second treatment I felt and saw an improvement in my health and pain level. The pain was going away every time I received a treatment from Dr. Wang. I was really afraid but then I saw how much the treatment helped. Now I'm not that much afraid like before. When I started acupuncture, I felt results the same day. Now I'm able to walk, stand and not be in pain.

Nothing helped before -- NOTHING! And acupuncture was the only thing that really helped the pain in my knees. My knees were hurting so very badly and acupuncture really help with the pain and my health for my age.
------------- Jane
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Wang, Xiaoyan
Phone: (804) 301-1784