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     Self-Care for Acne  

Time is the only cure for acne. Most cases of acne may be treated with the following tips.

Keep your skin clean. Wash often with plain soap and water.
Use a washcloth. Work the soap into your skin gently for a minute or two. Rinse well.
Use a clean washcloth every day. Bacteria, which can give you more pimples, love a wet washcloth.
Try an astringent lotion, degreasing pads or a face scrub.
Leave your skin alone! Don't squeeze, scratch or poke at pimples. They can get infected and leave scars.
Wash after you exercise or sweat.
Wash your hair at least twice a week.
Keep your hair off your face.
For men: Wrap a warm towel around your face before you shave. This will make your beard softer. Always shave the way the hair grows.
Don't spend too much time in the sun.
Don't use a sunlamp.
Use only water-based makeup. Don't use greasy or oily creams, lotion or makeup.
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