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We all experience varying levels of stress throughout our lives; at work, at home, in our relationships, driving in heavy traffic, on receiving bad news and countless other situations that cause us to worry, become frustrated or lose our cool. We are all different though in our response to these situations. What one person considers to be a high stress situation may be of little or no concern to another.

A fundamental TCM principle states that every living organism contains a life force or vital energy called qi that circulates continuously throughout it until death. In humans qi circulates throughout energy channels or meridians the main ones of which connect with our internal organs. Qi and blood, among other functions nourish, maintain and protect our bodies. Basically "perfect" health is regarded as the smooth and unobstructed flow of qi and blood throughout the body. When qi and blood flow are obstructed illness results. Various factors contribute to this.
Firstly nobody is in perfect health. We all inherit certain traits or weaknesses that predispose us to particular ailments and illnesses throughout life. Additionally environmental, dietary and lifestyle factors such as weather conditions, poor nutrition, excess work and stress, may affect the flow of qi and blood in our bodies leading to ill health. In TCM the organ mostly affected by emotional stress is the liver. The primary function of the liver is to ensure the free-flow of qi throughout the body. As stress tends to impede energy flow, the effect on the liver in this condition becomes evident. In TCM theory the liver is paired with the gallbladder in a yin-yang relationship (refer to my recommended links for further detail). As a result problems involving liver function can therefore affect gallbladder function and as the gallbladder energy meridian runs across the shoulders, up the neck and over the sides of the head, this explains why sufferers of stress often complain of headache and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Their energy is not flowing freely causing blockage and pain. Depending on each individual case other symptoms and signs of stress may include anxiety, frustration, depression, poor appetite, lethargy, insomnia, menstrual irregularities, diarrhea or constipation.  TCM views each of us as unique individuals therefore treatment for any complaint is specifically tailored to suit your particular condition.
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