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Sciatica, a form of back pain, gets its name from the sciatic nerve. This long nerve extends down the lower back, through the buttocks and continues down the back of the legs. Sciatica is created when the sciatic nerve is pressed upon by a herniated disc. This disc is ruptured so that it bulges out puts painful pressure on a nerve root. This condition is commonly referred to as a pinched nerve.

Sciatica Pain Warning Signs

Knowing the location of the sciatic nerve helps sufferers and pain relief doctors diagnose sciatica. Generally, the pain of sciatica radiates through a leg and/or buttock on only one side of the body. Tingling, shooting pain that's persistent on one side and makes it hard to both sit and stand are signs of sciatica. \

Chronic Sciatica Pain

If sciatica pain doesn't subside after a natural healing period of about three months, it's labeled chronic sciatica pain. However, assessing the causes and severity of chronic sciatica pain can be complicated.
Chronic sciatica pain sets off a chain reaction of physical and mental side effects. The persistent stress of chronic sciatica pain can affect the nervous and immune system. Coping with chronic sciatica pain can also bring on depression and cause the brain to perceive even more pain.
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