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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs consist of natural dried leaves, bark, flowers and roots which possess different characteristics and have different actions on the body. Chinese herbal medicine is most commonly taken as herbal teas or pills. Herbal teas involve a personalized prescription of different herbs that has been designed by Xiaoyan to directly target different areas of imbalance within your body to restore harmony. Herbal pills consist of a generalized prescription of different herbs that are designed to combat commonly seen patterns of disharmony amongst patients. Whether prescribed as teas or pills, Chinese herbs always work together to correct internal imbalances within your body and activate the body's self-healing processes.

What is the science behind Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Recent studies on Chinese herbal medicine have found that Chinese herbs have a wide range of regulatory effects on the body. Chinese herbs can reduce inflammatory agents in the body, stimulate the body to release natural pain-relieving chemicals known as endorphins, regulate the immune system and can also enhance the effect of conventional cancer treatment as well as help control or reduce the side-effects of cancer therapies.

What will happen when I receive Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Xiaoyan may prescribe you prescriptions of herbal tea or herbal pills. Herbal tea prescriptions need to be boiled on a daily basis following instructions from Xiaoyan and are usually taken twice a day. The herbs may initially taste unusual and often bitter but will usually include herbs that are sweeter in taste, making the tea easier for you to take. Herbal pills are pre-prepared prescriptions and are usually taken two or three times a day according to Xiaoyan's instructions. Because they are comparatively more convenient to take, herbal pills are often a popular alternative to herbal prescriptions.

Who can use Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese medicine can be safely prescribed to people of all ages and constitutions. Xiaoyan will always take into account your past medical history and any medication you have been prescribed when selecting the herbs in a formula and will adjust the dosages accordingly.

Are there any risks involved in taking Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbs are perfectly safe when prescribed correctly by a properly trained practitioner. Serious adverse effects as a result of taking Chinese herbal medicine are rare and usually occur due to inadequate training by the practitioner.

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